NKT Victoria delivered

The new NKT cable-laying vessel was named NKT Victoria at a ceremony at NKT's power cable plant in Karlskrona, Sweden, 4 May 2017.

The cable-laying vessel, of which NKT took delivery on 10 April 2017, is among the world’s most advanced and its design is based on extensive experience with offshore installations. NKT Victoria lays high-voltage offshore cables with high precision based on e.g. DP3 (Dynamic Positioning) capability and a remotely operated vehicle using cameras and sonar. If not incorporated in the power cable itself, fiber optic cables for monitoring purposes can be placed simultaneously.

These, and many more cutting-edge features, contribute to higher efficiency and precision of the installation and service execution, while offering maximum safety for the crew. In addition, NKT Victoria uses a power-from-shore solution together with onboard energy storage systems. This reduces fuel and CO2 consumption significantly compared with other cable-laying vessels available in the market. The power-from-shore connection can be maintained while loading the cable onto the vessel – a unique advantage which results in a more environmental-friendly operation.